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Hi! I'm Stephen

Tea drinker, dog lover and photography fanatic.

Since I was small photography has always been a massive passion in my life. Watching my Grandad with his camera capturing family moments is one of my earliest memories and sparked my interest in photography. What started as a hobby capturing holiday snaps and family events has quickly evolved into a full-time job which I am not only passionate about but extraordinarily lucky to have. Even with a detour through a teaching career, photography has always remained a way of expressing myself, how I see the world and helping people capture their special moments in life. 

All of my experiences both in and out of the photography industry has led to me developing important values when it comes to photography:

  •  being prepared in every possible way to ensure that every moment of the day is a  chance to capture a moment.
  •  never forcing a moment to happen and allowing people to relax and have fun.
  •  always looking for a new, creative and fresh way to photograph a scene, location or  couple.
  •  offering the best service physically possible.

I adore my clients and make sure they get my undivided attention and feel like they're working with a friend. I think this is a pivotal part of how I work as a photographer, feeling relaxed around each other results in much more naturally beautiful photographs. I am the king of the back up plan and always have an option 2 so you're in very safe hands! A client has once described me as "The Bear Grylls of Photography" and whilst I've not yet photographed a wedding in the wilderness I'm sure I'd be able to manage!

If you are looking for a totally personalised services, chats over tea and a good slice of cake and exceptional customer service get in touch and let's start the journey!