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Looking back and forwards.

Well the camera kit has been hung up, the pyjama bottoms are out and I have eaten my weight in mince pies (probably twice by now!). With all the Christmas festivities I am feeling rather sentimental and decided to have a little look back of the year that I've had.

This year has been a year of firsts in so many ways and a year in which I have grown beyond what I thought was possible, not just in my photography work but personally too.

2016 saw my first venture into wedding fairs which was very exciting! One thing I've never been very good at doing is selling myself and the idea of standing in a room of people having to sell myself and my business was incredibly daunting. I hoped to hide behind a lovely display and let that do the work but as I've done more and more I've learned how important it is to talk to people and for anyone who knows me talking is what I do best! Doing fairs has given me the opportunity to photograph some incredible weddings that it has been an absolute honour to attend and given me the chance to book work for 2017 in some of the most incredible venues that I can't wait to share with you all.

This year also saw my first major wedding season and I cannot believe how much I love what I am doing now. Seeing all the beautiful, intimate moments as well as the big celebrations has really changed the way I look at how I work and how I have developed as a photographer. I have worked with some of the most genuine, delightful and warm people you could ever wish to meet this year and getting to know the couples, children, parents and pets has to be my absolute highlight of the year.

Another huge change in 2016 was my opportunity to rebrand and as usual I went all out - new website, new business cards, new style, new advertising, everything and I couldn't be prouder of what I have managed to achieve with a little help and guidance.

Even though 2016 has been difficult for many reasons now I look back I can't help but smile and be immensely proud of what I have managed to achieve and look forward to where SWJ Photography is going to go in 2017.

To everyone I have had the honour to work with this year I wish you all a very, very peaceful and happy Christmas and may 2017 be an absolute joy!